About Cmaps

The cmaps platform emerged from extensive research and development in the field of education, recognizing that human thinking is inherently non-linear and associative. We often make connections between different pieces of information without even realizing it. At cmaps, we believe that the best way to learn is by making these connections explicit and visible.

Unlike traditional linear note-taking apps like Notion and Evernote, cmaps introduces a revolutionary connection-based model. Everything you write is seamlessly integrated into a dynamic mind map, fostering a more natural and effective learning process.

Our platform's standout feature is the AI-powered assistant, tailored to enhance your learning journey. Struggling with a topic? Ask your AI assistant for detailed textual explanations. Unsure where to start studying? Let the AI curate a comprehensive concept map, guiding you through the material in a personalized way.

For the hands-on learners, we invite you to explore our range of templates and see firsthand how cmaps can improve your note-taking experience.