How to embed a map into a webpage

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Embedding a map into a webpage is a great way to share in your own website or blog the mind map you've created in Here's how to do it:

In order to embed a map, you need to first make it public. To do this, open the share menu in the map editor and switch the toggle to "Public". This will generate a link that you can share with others. We will use this link to embed the map into a webpage.

Step 1

The code snippet below contains an iframe that you can use to embed the map into a webpage. Replace your-map-id with the map ID from the URL you've copied from the previous step. Feel free to adjust the width and height of the iframe to fit your webpage layout. The hideNavbar parameter is optional and can be used to hide the navbar when embedding the map.

<iframe src="{your-map-id}?hideNavbar=true" width="600px" height="400px" ></iframe>

And here's an example of how it will look like when embedded into a webpage:

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